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The Collective Design (CoDe) Lab at Stevens Institute of Technology studies design with distributed authority, resulting in collective decision-making problems. Positioned within the Systems and Software Engineering Division of the School of Systems and Enterprises, we build on theory and tools in design science, economics, information science, and social science to understand and improve the process of design.

Our research methods develop and use models, simulations, and games to understand how individuals and teams interact with design problems. Recent work has been published in journals including Research in Engineering Design and IEEE Systems Journal.

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Catalog Description: This course emphasizes the development of modeling and simulation concepts and skills necessary to design, program, implement, and use computers to solve complex systems/products analysis problems. The key emphasis is on problem formulation, model building, data analysis, solution techniques, and evaluation of alternative designs/processes in complex systems/products. Overview of modeling techniques and methods used in decision analysis, including Monte Carlo simulation and discrete event simulation are presented.




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